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Targeted & Optimized Patient


We focus on outcomes. amHealth is a compliant patient engagement solution that allows healthcare organizations to influence patient behavior through targeted and optimized mobile communication. amHealth is a patient-centered and mobile-friendly engagement solution.


We leverage technology, data and communication to connect with patients remotely. Using preferred and trusted channels, we make engagement accessible and relevant, iterating and adapting to both clients and their patients.

Use cases

Automated, demographically targeted health education & health system navigation.

Population Health

Two-way messaging and chatbots for interactive exchange, all logged and tracked.

Interactive Communication

Individualized messages to drive clinical or program based protocols.

Care Compliance

Data mapping and number verification.


No integration required.

Data Optimization offers a blended model of tech-enabled services to meet the unique needs of each client and population. Our service offerings include:

  • Digital Engagement Strategy

  • Health Education Content

  • Market Translation

  • Population Insights

  • Tailored Analytics

Together we drive the quadruple aim


Health Outcomes

  • Care compliance

  • Preventative screenings & care

  • Health & wellness activation

Increase Revenue & Lower Costs

  • Retention

  • Work flow optimization

  • Appropriate service utilization

Improve Patient Experience

  • Preferred channels & timing

  • Personalized content

  • Improved access to providers

Improve Physician Satisfaction

  • Payment incentives

  • Burden mitigation

  • Clinical outcomes

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