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  • Nnamdi Oranye

CNBC Africa Op-Ed: Rebooting the African Diaspora’s Role in Africa

When I travel abroad, I often have meetings with Africans who are now living and working outside of the continent. As fellow Africans, we end up chatting about where we are from and they reminisce about the countries they have left.

When they learn about my work, and usually why I’m traveling, it always leads us to the same point. They are curious about development in Africa and how they can participate in it. Usually, they are unaware of how successful African innovation and technology is, and who the key players are. They would’ve heard about Google and Bill Gates but not about their fellow Africans who are achieving great success. These encounters confirm the relatively dormant role the African diaspora play in Africa’s innovation development.

That’s why I want to present an opportunity for the African diaspora to participate in Africa’s growth, whether or not they return to the continent.

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